We Install the Best Turf Varieties for Melbourne

Room for the kids to play, the dog to run… the lush green lawn is second only to the picket fence in the traditional picture of the perfect home.

There are several types of turf that are particularly suited to Melbourne’s climate.

Sir Walter Buffalo

is the best turf to use at the moment that suits Australian conditions. This lawn is a creeper, creeping over the surface of your lawn edging. This characteristic means it can be edged easily, unlike other types of turf that can creep under edging. However, do keep it in check as it can creep all over! Being a creeper, it does very well in the summer. It then goes doormat in the colder months. Sir Walter Buffalo is extremely drought-tolerant. It does well in the full sun but also does well in slightly shaded areas, making it a popular choice.

Grand Prix Couch

is an emerald green colour. It is a drought tolerant turf that produces only a small amount of seeds. This is a good characteristic, considering most couch grass produce lots of seeds which need to be mowed off. Couch is great for the warmer months, but in the winter months it loses a lot of its colour, more so than other varieties.

Village Green Kikuyu

is one of the best grasses for the Melbourne climate. It is dark green in colour and stays a lot greener than other varieties over the colder months. This is the perfect turf for high traffic areas. It can tolerate dogs digging as its able to quickly self-repair. It is a creeping lawn, thus comes with the hardy-yet-invasive properties of creeper grasses.

Simon says:

Turf lends so much to a landscape. It’s important to choose the right variety, but it’s even more important to prepare the area properly so your turf can thrive and look wonderful. Proper preparation includes digging out old turf (if necessary), leveling the ground, and bringing in healthy new topsoil. Usually, this is when we’d install the irrigation system, too. Then, quality turf is laid. There’s a lot of wrong ways to lay turf, and only one right way to ensure edges of the strips don’t brown.
Treat your new turf like a newborn: the first six weeks are delicate. It needs much more watering while getting established than it will in later months. And, it must not be mowed or walked on if possible (for the first couple of weeks).

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