Natural Stone Paving is Our Specialty

We’ve been laying it for over 20 years. Patios, walkways, driveways, pool surrounds, entrances, steps… we’ve done it all. From the  timeless look of bluestone and granite, to natural tones and variations of sandstone and travertine, there are so many beautiful options in natural stone. The size and shape of pavers and patterns such as crazy paving give you even more choice for a unique look.

Sourcing Pavers

We have some great suppliers with quality products at some of the lowest prices you will find. We can direct you to their showrooms to choose colours and stone, or we’re happy to do it all for you. We can make expert recommendations for what type and style of paving will best suit your needs.


Bluestone is one of the most popular types of paving found in Melbourne. Bluestone is used all over the city, from Southbank to the city footpaths. It is a very hard-wearing stone that does not easily damage and looks good for a lifetime. It also has natural anti-slip properties, so it can be used around pools and steps.


Sandstone is a product that looks fantastic around pools and outdoor areas.  It is made up of small sand grains of rock and comes in a big range of colours such as ivory, red, tan, pink,white and grey. We’ve even been lucky enough to have some fossils in the pavers!


The popularity of granite paving has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. It used to be used primarily for high end jobs, but now it is very affordable option for your outdoor project. You can use Granite pavers for all types of paving indoor and outdoor, stepping stones, steps, and feature walls.

Examples of Paving Designs and Combinations

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