Driveways in Bayside and Melbourne’s Southeast

Your driveway is as important a part of your house’s curb appeal as the entry walk, planting, or paint. We have many years of experience installing driveways in newly built homes, multi-unit developments, and, of course, traditional family homes in need of updating. You might want a bigger and better driveway for your family or are upgrading your home to sell. If you have landscaping plans, we can fulfill those. Walk around Bayside and see the diverse choices of your neighbors – you might not know where to begin! We can help.

Materials: Exposed Aggregate, Natural Stone Paving, Brick and Concrete

This is the fun part. Our paving expertise means you can have confidence in any type of driveway you choose, and the possibilities are exponential. First, there’s the classic choices of second-hand red brick, paving such as bluestone, sandstone or granite, or exposed aggregate.  Multiply that by style options such as crazy paving, stone paver shape/pattern, and brick laying pattern like beautiful herringbone. Then expand your possibilities with material combinations such as exposed aggregate with brick or any type of stone paver edging. The results can be a valuable upgrade in your property’s appeal.

Take a look at some examples of our driveways.

Simon Says:

Exposed aggregate is a decorative concrete prepared by washing off the top layer to expose the gravel, or aggregate. It gives a sophisticated look, while being hard-wearing, durable and non-slip. It looks great edged with brick or natural stone paving. Exposed aggregate needs to be installed much like regular concrete, with formwork, metal reinforcement, and expansion joints (locations specific to each driveway) to prevent cracking. After proper drying, your exposed aggregate driveway does need to be sealed to prevent staining. I can point you to qualified sealers to finish off your fantastic new driveway and protect your investment.

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