Irrigation Systems

There is little sense in landscaping a new garden with no thought for its ongoing maintenance and irrigation needs. You work hard. You’ve got a busy life. You want to maximize your landscaping investment. That means optimal growth and beauty, with minimum effort and expense. Not only do you not want to stand there with a hose for an hour, top-watering (on top of plants) wastes water ($$$) by watering the leaves and not the roots where it’s needed. For all these reasons, we here at New Wave Landscapes are big fans of automatic irrigation systems. And you will be, too.

Whenever we landscape, we plan out the irrigation system according to the garden lay out and watering requirements.  This ensures that the right amount of water will reach all planting areas, and all plants grow optimally.

Automatic Irrigation Systems

To make life easier, we automate the irrigation system so watering your new landscaped garden is as easy as set and forget. 

We install the automation box and set it all up according to the needs of your garden. We also provide you with training so you know how to change the settings. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes, but it’s important when the seasons and watering requirements of your garden change.

We will zone your garden according to its different watering requirements. Watering times are then allocated to each zone. Automation allows you to choose the time of day (eg. morning, evening), the amount of time (eg. 20 minutes) and the number of times you want your garden watered per day.

Once the automatic irrigation system has been installed and set up, you can sit back, relax, and literally watch your grass grow!

Drip Irrigation

We recommend and install drip irrigation systems for most needs. Drip irrigation is a style of irrigation where the hoses used have little holes to allow a slow release of water. The network of pipes and hoses with these holes may be laid above the soil at the base of the plants or right below the soil near the roots.

Drip irrigation has many advantages including:

  • efficient water usage (water is moved directly to the soil and roots so there is less water wastage)
  • save money by using less water
  • less evaporation
  • great looking, healthy plants.

Spray irrigation

For some garden beds and turfed areas, pop-up spray nozzles are a fine option. They recede into the ground once the preset program is finished. We also install these systems. We always discuss what’s right for your circumstances and decide with you, together.