Adding Value with Landscaping

Landscaping is an integral part of preparing a house for auction. You’re selling the whole package – inside and out – and good buyers want the whole package. Good outdoor spaces add real value to your home.

We have a lot of experience with preparing houses, towhouses, and units to sell. Whether it’s new turf, simple and clean planting, or repaving pools and patios, New Wave Landscapes can assist you in making your outdoor space so attractive you might just want to keep it!


(photos from Hodges Realty)



During winter 2014, this house in Hampton sold for $340,000 OVER RESERVE!!!. We’d call that a successful auction! Now, we know it wasn’t just the landscaping and paving around their pool we did that made for all the hot bidding, but we’d like to think it had something to do with it…

Here, we installed new turf and garden beds with lavenders and other small shrubs in the front yard. A sandstone walkway, with light pebbles and clean lines of architectural grasses, extends down the side of the house. In back, we gave new life to their pool with sandstone paving, and planted simple garden beds around the perimeter.

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