Hi and welcome to New Wave Landscapes. We’re a local, family-owned landscaping business.

We’ve been doing quality landscaping, paving, turf and irrigation in the Bayside and wider Melbourne area for over 20 years.

A little bit about the owner

Simon grew up in Highett and Sandringham, attending Sacred Heart Primary and St. Bedes College. He started his pre-apprenticeship with the city of Melbourne in 1993. His work ethic caught the attention of his supervisors, who recommended him for an apprenticeship with a local landscaper. After completing his apprenticeship, Simon went into business for himself and has never looked back.

Shortly after his apprenticeship, Simon met an American backpacker named Jenny at a Bayside pub. They hit it off and kept up an international relationship for a year. Alas, both decided they weren’t ready to settle down. Jenny wanted to go to graduate school, and Simon needed to get back to New Wave Landscapes. They parted on amicable terms and eventually lost touch. But they never forgot about each other. About 10 years later, Simon, ever the self-motivated optimist, emailed Jenny and said, “So, done with graduate school yet?”. Indeed, she was; they married in 2011, in Sandringham at the Sacred Heart church where he went to primary school and where his mother taught for 30 years, by Father Frank O’Loughlin who had baptized Simon as a baby. Simon continues with the landscaping business, and Jenny works as a scientist at the CSIRO (and sometimes as NewWave Landscaping secretary/accountant). They live back near Bayside where it all started.

They first had a most adorable son, Jack, born in late October 2012, a big boy at 4.2kg and 56.5cm! Jack was born with congenital heart disease, and after a tense first week, he underwent open heart surgery at 6 days old at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Thanks to the wonderful surgeons and nurses at the Children’s and Monash, the surgery was a success, and Jack made it home just in time for Christmas!

Since, there’s been two additional little ripples to the NewWave family. Two beautiful girls: another 4.2kg and the last at 4.9kg at 58cm! Everyone is loving (most) every minute of the crazy early years with three kids under 5.

Simon, Jenny, the three kids, and Bueno (the mischievous mutt) thank you for reading about our happy family!