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Crazy Paving

With crazy paving, a picture is worth a thousand words – so look at the pictures on the this page, and check out our picture gallery at the bottom for even more of our work.

Crazy paving uses broken up pieces of natural stone paving – usually sandstone, bluestone or limestone – arranged in a random or puzzle-pieces fashion and finished off with your choice of grout.  Every type of stone breaks differently, giving unique looks.

This style of paving can be laid as walkways, patios, up the sides of walls, as capping on top of retaining walls (of all types), and around swimming pools.  Crazy paving can be laid on existing cement paths adding colour and interest, makes for a natural outdoor patio, and looks fantastic in steps leading to/from the garden. This type of paving also makes a lovely border around other materials, such as a driveway or as garden borders (mowing strip), giving a natural transition from your turf  to your garden beds. We’ve even done wonderful limestone crazy paving in a Melbourne city pub beer garden – looks smashing!

Simon says:

Due to the variation in the natural stone pavers, and the way they’ve been broken unevenly for the crazy paving look, crazy paving always needs to be laid on a concrete base. The concrete underneath balances pavers of different thicknesses so that the finished patio or walkway is level.  If laid on a crushed rock or flexible base, your crazy paved walkway could be unstable and you risk cracking pavers  within 6 months. Weeds will soon grow through, also – probably not the look you were going for! I can recommend suppliers that have many types of paving on display so you can choose the type you like as well as the color of grout. Sealing is optional, but certain sealers can give a nice ‘wet look’ like in the picture above. We take care of the concrete base and a quote from us always includes all the materials, labor and steps to do the job right.