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Irrigation Systems

There is little sense in landscaping a new garden with no thought for its ongoing maintenance and irrigation needs. You work hard. You’ve got a busy life. You want to maximize your landscaping investment. That means optimal growth and beauty, with minimum effort and expense. Not only do you not want to stand there with a hose for an hour, top-watering (on top of plants) wastes water ($$$) by watering the leaves and not the roots where it’s needed. For all these reasons, we here at New Wave Landscapes are big fans of automatic irrigation systems. And you will be, too.

Whenever we landscape, we plan out the irrigation system according to the garden lay out and watering requirements.  This ensures that the right amount of water will reach all planting areas, and all plants grow optimally.

Crazy paving uses broken up pieces of natural stone paving – usually sandstone, bluestone or limestone – arranged in a random or puzzle-pieces fashion and finished off with your choice of grout.  Every type of stone breaks differently, giving unique looks.

This style of paving can be laid as walkways, patios, up the sides of walls, as capping on top of retaining walls (of all types), and around swimming pools.  Crazy paving can be laid on existing cement paths adding colour and interest, makes for a natural outdoor patio, and looks fantastic in steps leading to/from the garden. This type of paving also makes a lovely border around other materials, such as a driveway or as garden borders (mowing strip), giving a natural transition from your turf  to your garden beds. We’ve even done wonderful limestone crazy paving in a Melbourne city pub beer garden – looks smashing!