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Retaining Walls

We have years of experience in all aspects of landscaping, including building great looking retaining walls, pavingplanting and pool landscaping.

Why not retain us to retain your soil and create a beautiful new landscaped area today.

Retaining walls are built as a structural feature, usually to hold soil and earth in place. They can be used in many places, but you may have noticed them along fence lines or garden beds, especially on land that is on an incline. Due to their structural nature, it is best that you don’t try to build one yourself. The weight and movement of earth is substantial, and if the retaining wall is not built correctly the wall could move, or even collapse.

We build retaining walls from various structural materials such as brick, concrete, bluestone or other blocks. We also use cladding to change the facade of the wall to suit your house or the landscaped surrounds. For example, a rock cladding will give the impression of a rock wall.

We can also recommend, and plant out plants that are appropriate to grow within a retaining wall.