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Choosing the right plants to landscape your garden isn’t easy. There are many things to consider when making plant choices for your garden. And choosing the wrong plants could be regrettable or costly.

When choosing plants, these are some considerations to keep in mind:


It’s not always easy to know which plants are best suited to the Melbourne region. Climate, soil type and rainfall all have an impact. And if you live in a bayside suburb you may also need to contend with sandy soils and higher levels of salt.

Plant size

Often people don’t consider the final size of the plant (until it’s too big). Think about how the plant will grow into your (and possibly your neighbour’s) gardens. Also consider the root structure of the plant and how evasive the roots are. You may also be limited by which plants you can choose due to the amount of space or sunlight available to support the growth of the plant.

Ongoing maintenance

Don’t forget the ongoing maintenance of the plants you choose. Some plants are low maintenance or have low water usage. Others may require a lot of trimming/pruning, feeding, water or other care.


Your budget may influence the types of plants that are affordable to you. Choosing smaller plants is more cost effective, however this won’t give you the instant appeal and satisfaction that larger plants provide.


Consider the style of landscaping that you like. There are many landscaping styles to choose from such as formal hedging, native gardens, traditional cottage style, or even bigger overgrown gardens – just to name a few. You know what you like (and what you don’t). So take note when you see a garden that you like, so you can emulate the style.


There are times when plants are used to serve a particular purpose. Some examples are hiding an unappealing water tank or shed, providing privacy or being the feature in the garden. However it can be a challenge to know which plants are best used to serve this purpose, provide appeal and are suitable for the space available.

With over twenty years of knowledge and experience, we make the task of choosing the best plants to landscape your garden easy.

With so many plants to choose from you don’t have to have a garden like everybody else’s.  But you don’t need to be overwhelmed by it all either. We listen to what you want and take all the above concerns into consideration and provide you with appropriate planting options for your garden.

We’ll build a place you can escape to right in your backyard, just by combining natural stone paving, lush turf and the right plants. We also take care of irrigation, lighting as well as garden bed preparation and mulching.